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Create Bite Sized Language Lessons for OrangutanJapan.com

We're looking for small bite sized language video lessons, about 2 - 3 minutes per lesson, which well help students learn a lanaguage. To produce these lessons we need creative and capable language teachers (with video recording equipment) to help us.

Ideally, each teacher will produce a series of these mini-lessons which we'll upload to our website or YouTube Channel.

The videos should be clear and aimed at beginner / intermediate level students. If they are not conducted in Japanese, they should be kept as simple as possible, introducing a few key grammar points or phrases. Other than that, we'd like to keep our guidance to a minimum. We want your creativity and individuality to come through. The video can feature just yourself or it can focus around a conversation between a couple of people. It's up to you.

What we ask, is that if you're interested, you send us an email with a short introduction of yourself on the video editing equipment you'll be using. From this we can see if the equipment is good enough for our requirements (most smart phones have video cameras good enough). If we're happy with that, we'll ask you to send a video lesson (around 2 - 3 mins in length). We'll pay you 1000 yen for this whether we use it or not. Based on that video, we'll discuss you producing further videos for us, how we'd like you to change your style, or simply let you know we don't need any more videos from you. Being honest, in most cases, it's a case of us suggesting changes to your video but asking for a further batch (one single video isn't too much use for us).

Show me the Money

We'll pay you via PayPal, so you'll need a PayPal account. We'll pay you 1000 for the first video regardless of whether we use it or not, and 1000 for every subsequent bite-sized video (which includes a written transcript of the lesson).

The videos will go on the OrangutanJapan.com YouTube account (although we'll technically own the video, so we reserve the right to not upload it, or upload it elsewhere, or do whatever we wish with it) and will be viewable to the internet public. This means anybody will be able to search YouTube for the video.

So please send us your initial intro videos to:

In Need of Inspiration?

Okay, we get it can be difficult to get started sometimes. A quick trawl on the net revealed the following videos teachers have submitted (not for this site). We're looking for stuff like this. Most importantly, your style and enthusiasm should come through.

      Example Video 1

       Example Video 2

       Example Video 3

       Example Video 4

      Example Video 5


Well, good luck. Any questions relating to these videos, please send them to:


Teach private language lessons in Japan to private students. Teach your native language to individual students or to groups. Teach in a coffee shop or a location suitable to both teacher and student. Language teachers wanted Japan wide - in Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, Nagoya, Gifu, Ibaraki and across Japan. Students learning English and other languages are looking for private lanaguage teachers across Japan. Sign up today and start teaching private lessons to private students in Japan.
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